Water – Is irrigation water ok to use on a vegetable garden?

by laRuth

Question by vegasmel: Is irrigation water ok to use on a vegetable garden?
We have culinary water for our house and secondary (irrigation) water for our sprinkler system in our lawn. We recently installed a spigot next to our garden that feeds off the irrigation water, sprinkler system. We thought it would be cheaper to use the irrigation water on the garden because we water so much, but now I’ve heard that irrigation water can be hazardous to use on vegetable that we will be eating. Is this true?

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Answer by physics guy
Only if you are near a major fertilizer maker or other dangerous chemical manufacturer. Such as pesticides, etc. Irrigation water is excellent for watering gardens, but I would recommend having at least tested two years in a row for dangerous chemicals. If it turns up clean two years in a row, it’s a pretty safe bet you are o.k.

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2 thoughts on “Water – Is irrigation water ok to use on a vegetable garden?

  1. It depends on what is in your irrigation water. It shouldn’t be too expensive to have a test done, or check with your municipality if they have any records on the source of the irrigation water.
    Some chemicals can be harmful to sensitive plants. You might also contact your local garden center (or online) to check if anything you are growing has a sensitivity to anything that may be in the water. Ingesting certain chemicals can harm your health, obviously, so regardless of any test results on the water, thoroughly wash your produce.

  2. unless you have high pesticide or heavy metals in the irrigation water, you should be fine. Have the water tested for toxins by a reputable lab.

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