Water Generator -Skywater 300 Atmospheric Water Generator

** The 300 uses Skywater

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7 thoughts on “Water Generator -Skywater 300 Atmospheric Water Generator

  1. OK how much is this the website has nothing for a price ???????
    Any one please ?????????

  2. @pidos847 Ecoloblue™1000 is the machine comparable to the Skywater® 300 by water generating capacity and it uses 18KW of power compared to the Skywater® 300 which only uses 7-10KW. Also, the 12 stage filtration system on the Ecoloblue is for the indoor model which makes it expensive and technical to maintain. The Skywater® indoor model has a 3 stage filtration system with ozone, which is more effective than UV used by Ecoloblue, Skywater® is more efficient & less expensive.

  3. @Skywater300 Ecoloblue uses 280 watts of power, how much does the Skywater use? Can the Skywater produce enough water to supply a full size house with water? The Ecoloblue has a 12 stage filtration system, what kind of purification does the Skywater use? What kind of plastics are used in the construction of the skywater and do any of them leech Bishenol A?

  4. @pidos847 ECOLOBLUE is less energy efficient. You get more water with less power from the Skywater 300.

  5. Has anyone used this machine? Is it better than ECOLOBLUE 30? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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