Stream Engine -BrySi the Machinima Guy – Call of Duty vs Battlefield Rap Battle ** Click here to watch Rap Battle: Minecraft vs Fortress Craft feat Lil Wayne! (Musical Machinima) Call of Duty vs Battlefield Rap Battle by BrySi (Musical Machinima) Two huge games – both releasing this year. What is the best? Leave a comment saying who you think wins the battle. And share with your friends so you can hear what they have to think about. Special thanks to: u4ix (the other rapper): Sinima (beat producer): Soundclick / Sinima you (look in the mirror): for clicking like and download my favorite music to or on itunes You might as well watch all my Machinima content too: DIRECTOR’S LINKS: DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL Machinima Happy Now is home to the best animation and short films Machinima has to offer. Come back every weekend for updates on all your favorite programs such as Sanity not included, two best friends Listen, Mind Freeman, Sonic For Hire and more! ————————————– This video will show you: How to Rap How to make Musical Machinima How to play Battlefield How to play Call of Duty ——————————— —– Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Respawn Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture machinima FOR MORE, GO TO: www …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 thoughts on “Stream Engine -BrySi the Machinima Guy – Call of Duty vs Battlefield Rap Battle

  1. “From the begging you wanted to be like COD”

    No, in COD you just shot and get killed. In BF you shot, get killed, use Tanks, Birds, Fast Movers, help other players etc. etc.

  2. I got 99 deaths but then i killed the bitch Then he yelled on his microphone set I got 99 deaths but i killed that bitch

  3. mw3 for 1 unique think the normal soldiers in the real life not are instructed to utilzate tanks or airplanes or helicopters
    and i thin in the real battlefield (war) no are vehicules you can drive or utilizate for your defense

  4. Did you see how many awards Battlefield 3 won? You obviously can’t see the difference between the graphics as well. And the realism in COD is retarded, you can’t quickscope in real life, you can’t throw a grenade right across the whole map, you don’t get rewarded an attack heli, nuke, M.O.A.B. , care packages. etc, for getting kills. And there is no destruction at all in COD, the only destruction is cars blowing up and windows breaking. Oh yeah, and COD is a fish.

  5. yes mw3 is tottally more realistic considering elite soldiers run for 6 seconds reload faster than light and you call nukes to kill 12 people

  6. obviously you’ve never played bf3 or you just camp the whole time because when i play i rush and im never not getting shot at or watching things get blow to fucking bits and you don’t just get game of the year for no reason and mw3 is shit do you now see how much everyone disses on it? You’re a blind little 10 yr old who doesn’t no anything about anything

  7. lmao oh wow bf3 gets 1 award and automatically they are the best game of that year and mw3 is a more popular game than bf3, it is more fast paced with more action, it has more sales so obviously people thought mw3 was gonna be better than bf3 and mw3 lasts way longer than any battlequeers

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