Electric Stream Generator -Viktor Schauberger : Lord Kelvin Water Drop Electrostatic Generator

Electric Stream Generator -Viktor Schauberger : Lord Kelvin Water Drop Electrostatic Generator

Epistemology ** / Research – By: (Me) ~ ~ Ellis@www.youtube.com Nicholas V / sn1pe352 ————————– ———————- As Current Analysis. Electric Circuits The work of Wheatstone, Ohm’s and Kirchhoff Produced by the California Institute of Technology 1985. ——————————————— video.google.com Questions of Atmosphere — Viktor Schauberger Why not place hot air of the Earth? Why is it so cold on top of a mountain, that is closest to the sun? Because our homes are warmer and cooler near the ceiling to the floor, when an artificial source of heat is used? Why does marble expand with heat and why does not it contract again with the cold? EVAPORATION Why the desert, so dead, despite all the heat? Because damp tiled roofs dry from the eaves to the ridge? WATER Because groundwater in walls rise above the surface of the ground? Why not wooden posts rot under water, but above all forever? Why can increase cold water pierce the hardest rock? Because the water pulse and breathing? Because groundwater can remain on the flanks of the mountains? Because more and more cold and heavier, does it go up? Because they frequently result from high peaks? RIVERS Why do rivers flowing from west to east fertilize their banks? Why the banks of the rivers flowing from east to west so barren? Why the banks of rivers flowing from south to north fertile on one side only? Because the rivers flowing into cold seas migrate laterally to the north

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24 thoughts on “Electric Stream Generator -Viktor Schauberger : Lord Kelvin Water Drop Electrostatic Generator

  1. @noodlesnacks – also, nobody really has a complete maths working out of electromagnetism anyway, not officially at least. it’d need to explain gravity, and it doesn’t do that.
    you have to look at say Einstein’s stuff and then electro-magnets and planetary orbits (inc. chaotic like ITN -> superstrings) to get an idea of how gravity fits in.

  2. @noodlesnacks – the situation you descirbe is precisely why all societies systems are so stupid and unsustainable. because those taught most of the ‘science’ behind it cannot invent things for themselves, and they don’t understand how to look at systems holistically and evaluate them.

    hence why things like their farming, forestry, sewage, housing, medicine, is all at best very flawed and lacking in addressing a whole heap of knowns.

  3. @noodlesnacks – you’re insane. maths is just a descriptive language of the processes. and generally, the way maths itself is taught does not show how it is a way of describing processes. i had to learn ‘sacred geometry’ myself and then go back to maths later, to see what the fuck they are talking about.

    electronics is taught all wrong too, same problem. nobody thinks that way. it is taught in a way where you only learn to read others’ diagrams and solder things in the right place etc.

  4. @sn1pe352 – that’s the same problem i had with maths and science at school – it’s all oriented to those who just learn things automated, like a computer would be programmed.
    there’s never any real world things that make what is happening able to be visualised and put into a conception of energy dynamics.

    in fact – i studied some 3d computer animating, same problem again! typing in co-ords and numbers, not modelling things and adjusting them.

  5. @vid009 Because they have not been directly faced with the problems,yet,that must explain their ignorance,once they get a job and struggle to pay the exaggerated bills, then what this good sir is telling dos makes a lot of sense.

  6. @sn1pe352 All modern physical theories are mathematical constructions. The chance of developing correct, consistent physical intuition without studying those equations is remote. They are all constructed mathematically for logical consistency, and the ability to make quantitative prediction. You don’t understand a physical theory unless you understand the language in which it is written. The best approach is to learn the mathematics concurrently with developing intuition on the subject.

  7. @sn1pe352 You don’t truly understand electromagnetism without understanding the mathematics. Can’t you hear the laughing in the room?

  8. @vid009 there weren’t any student faces except for that chicks face and she was taking notes ( not a moron )
    i have no idea how you reached your conclusion

  9. so couldn’t you build this big with high precision and get a usable current off of it? Use thick pipe instead of cans, or an array of pipes and many drop spouts. Stick it out in your yard crank a tank up to the top of a little tower and let it drip all day. Get free power and a daily workout

  10. connect the leads to 2x 40,000 microfarad caps then use this to run some lights a bank of led’s or charge batterys.. i wonder if a bendini circuit and a hho cell could be run off this?? maybee with a rather large jule theif!!

  11. @Anothercoilgun In deed you have seen electricity produced this way before…
    You have seen lightning in a thunderstorm right? This is the same process that causes lightning that flickers within a thundercloud that never strikes ground.

  12. @vid009 most of them care little about it because there’s no mathematics behind it and it’s probably not going to be on some fucking test, these types of students are mostly robots who only care about good grades,kissing ass and passing test…when it comes to TRULY understanding electricity-magnetism on a conceptual level their lost

  13. Did you see the faces of the so called students ! They have no idea of what they are witnessing. The only thing their looking forward to is leaving class & plugging into their useless Ipods & Ipads – What a bunch of morons.

  14. I know if there is one way for any result there are an infinite ways but limited by the minds of those implementing the methods. Still, this is the first time my eyes seen this way of producing electricity. We are still so clueless in this world. Blinded by the dollar signs.

  15. @ElShadaiLives They use turbines at Niagara, which basically are ‘spinning generators.’ I really doubt they could get enough amperage out of this process to make enough of a difference, so for hydroelectric projects like Niagara, they would have to use turbines.

  16. @ElShadaiLives It does. The Canada Niagara Power Generating Station creates around 82.5 megawatts.

  17. Impressive example of static discharge via resistance elements of metal and water. Static electricity apparrently has the same back emf resistance commonly associated with electricty and magnetic generation….as shown by the spreading of the water (resistance).

  18. The water not necessarily can be continuous but may be droplet by droplet? So it takes more time to spark.

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