Electric Stream Generator -Uniflow Power Systems S5000 Steam Engine – Combined Heat and Power from Renewable Fuels

** The Uniflow S5000 Power Systems is a small-scale, multi-utility, energy of the enterprise system, capable of providing mechanical energy and electricity, hot water, heating, if required, vapor, all from low-grade fuels. The S5000 is designed to produce about 5kWp electricity, and is shown in a trial run. For more information, visit www.pritchardpower.com.au.

** The observed effects of solar flares through the Earth’s magnetic field, and auroras at the poles, are also manifested through strong voltage distribution overloads in certain areas because of these high energy / radiation “bursts.” As the Earth rotates and revolves around the sun at great speed, a part of the aether is polarized (is “rigidified” by “rapidly varying electrostatic forces” emitted by the Earth) and drawn from electric field of the Earth, which decreases with the inverse square of the distance from Earth. Tesla measured these electrostatic emissions with a partially evacuated tube that particular could orient as desired and observe the wave patterns of shape change. Overall, TeslaStates that the sun acts as a “generator” for our solar system. Emits large amounts of radiation, which Tesla called “sunlight” primary (and lead to the modern concept of cosmic rays). These rays, in turn, has affected various particles in space, giving rise to much weaker secondary radiation. The sun’s rays reach the various primary planets provide impetus and are constantly at right angles to the trajectory of the sun (which is why the planets revolve around stars, after a theory has been demonstrated by Hannes Alfven (public.lanl.gov Tesla often said that nothing in the universe is still standing, because if so, all matter would “decay” back to the ether (everything on earth is hurling through space at incredible speed because the Earth and the … b>

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15 thoughts on “Electric Stream Generator -Uniflow Power Systems S5000 Steam Engine – Combined Heat and Power from Renewable Fuels

  1. I wish I could spend a couple of months working with these guys and learning all about this engine.

  2. The big Oil corporations are trying their best to stop free energy ideas from spreading to common ppl.
    We need to put an end to this corruption ,start generating your own electricity now.
    Visit LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and get the blueprints . Join the Revolution!!

  3. i remember seeing somthing identical to this, it was made during world war 2 for power in the jungles.

  4. Yep a lot of them had boilers
    Reread the complete Bull Shit you first wrote.
    I visit the UK frequently and unlike you I am well read on the history of steam

    So a couple of centeries is the same as 3 decades (at the most oprtimistic) Bit of a awkward lie there

    Are you going to keep digging? I’m sure you will get to the bottom of the manure heap eventually

  5. Dear oh dear.Australians for you “Around for centuries” is a figure of speech,implying that that something has been around for a very long time,I could have said “Around for donkeys years”,if you want to be word perfect then I should have said “Around for decades” Did you move to Aus from the UK or were you born in Aus? I was just wondering if you had been to many stately homes in the UK and seen the small farms and power houses they had?Alot of the Victorian era houses especially had boilers

  6. “these sorts of setups have been around for centuries” WRONG and certainly WERE NOT COMMON IN PRIVATE HOUSE USE
    Generators date from the 1880′s at the very earliest same time as light bulbs started to appear. The very very very rare private steam powered generators were phased out of private use by 1910 because IC units were avaliable and much easier to manage.
    Tangents about sawmills hydro schemes and agricultural portables or stationaries do not validate what you first said

  7. As I said big private houses had steam plants for heating and light generation,I have seen them in preservation,Cragside is a good example,Armstong even had a hydroelectric set up (Yes I know it was the first house in the UK to have electric light),many of the big houses had steam engines to work their farms,they also had stationary steam or portables to drive whinowing,threshing and milling equipment.Most estate sawmills became steam driven and a few of those have survived into preservation,

  8. In your dreams they did. Private steam was very very very rare a few of the wealthy had steam boats and that’s about all. There was a brief window between 1850 and 1900 for private steam.

  9. Nothing new,these sorts of setups have been around for centuries,before the arrival of big oil engines big private houses would have had a steam plant running a steam engine for power generation,water pumping etc

  10. Saw the Pritchard Steam Engine on ABC TV, Ted is a genius, good your carrying on his project

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