Solar Heating – solar power to heat a chicken coop?

Question by Nate S: solar power to heat a chicken coop?
i am looking to heat a chicken coop with solar power and was worndering how and if it is cost effective. and what it would take to run a 250 watt bulb for up to 10 hr in the dark any help would be great, thanks

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Answer by campbelp2002
Electric heat is massively wasteful. Solar panels convert maybe 15% to 20% of sunlight to electricity. And charging and discharging batteries (to use that electricity at night) takes away maybe 1/3 of that. Instead just use low tech panels (like those used for solar hot water) to soak up heat (nearly 100% efficient) and store it in an insulated tank for use at night. Then circulate the hot water form the tank through a radiator in the coop with a small pump using very little electricity. Or just put the insulated tank in the coop, and take the insulation off at night.

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