Solar Heating – How much will a Solar Hot Air Collector heat a room?

Question by Littlej: How much will a Solar Hot Air Collector heat a room?

I’m looking to figure out how much heat can be generated using Solar Hot Air collectors. If I know the volume of solar hot air collector and the temperature the air will be inside the collector, as well as the volume of the room I’m attempting to heat and the temperature in that room – would it be possible for me to just average out these temperatures? Ie:

Total Volume of collectors = 5m^3
Temperature of air inside = 50C

Total volume of room = 900m^3
Temperature of air = 10C

[(5*50) + (900*10)] / 905 = 10.22C

I just made up how to do this in my head so I have no idea if it is actually a reasonable way of working it out or whether there is variables I’m missing. Thanks for any help.
Actually I don’t think this will work at all since it’s constantly heating not just chucking a bit of air in there.

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Answer by Ecko
The heat from the sun is measured in terms of watts per square meter. If the efficiency of the collector is rated as a percentage, then say 1000W of sun per square meter may result in 800W per square meter of collector panel for an 80% efficient setup.

This heat is transferred to the room in much the same way as other heaters. The heat is added, and the temperature rises. In an ideal case with no losses the temperature would keep rising as long as heat is added.. In reality, some heat escapes through the walls and windows etc., so an equilibrium will be achieved eventually, where the heat lost is equal to the heat gained. This is because the heat lost through insulation (leakage) increases as the temperature increases. There are other ;imits – clearly the ability of the occupants and the room itself to withstand higher temperatures, and the ability of the collector itself, which has its own losses, to increase beyond some particular temperature.

There are estimates for the heat in watts to heat a room based on the volume, and the insulation efficiency etc.. The link below shows a calculator that seems relevant to you.

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Solar Heating – solar power to heat a chicken coop?

Question by Nate S: solar power to heat a chicken coop?
i am looking to heat a chicken coop with solar power and was worndering how and if it is cost effective. and what it would take to run a 250 watt bulb for up to 10 hr in the dark any help would be great, thanks

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Answer by campbelp2002
Electric heat is massively wasteful. Solar panels convert maybe 15% to 20% of sunlight to electricity. And charging and discharging batteries (to use that electricity at night) takes away maybe 1/3 of that. Instead just use low tech panels (like those used for solar hot water) to soak up heat (nearly 100% efficient) and store it in an insulated tank for use at night. Then circulate the hot water form the tank through a radiator in the coop with a small pump using very little electricity. Or just put the insulated tank in the coop, and take the insulation off at night.

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Solar Heating – Will converting solar energy into electricity and incepting solar heat reverse global warming?

Question by arunbeena: Will converting solar energy into electricity and incepting solar heat reverse global warming?

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Answer by J S
No, 50% of the planet’s emissions come from the 80% of the population with the highest population and emissions per capita growth.

Not only can they not afford solar, but they have not comitted to any slowing or ultimate limits to their emissions growth. Global CO2 levels will continue rising and global warming cannot be stopped while developing nations are not on board.

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Solar Heating – Solar powered radiant floor heat?

Question by whitewolfe: Solar powered radiant floor heat?
We have an OLD home that needs new flooring throughout. If we’re going to install new floors, wouldn’t it make sense to install radiant floor heat throughout as well? I keep hearing about how much more efficient it is, how comfortable and even it is, and also aesthetically pleasing (no ugly radiators.)

Since radiant floor heat operates with hot water running through the tubing, wouldn’t it also make sense to use a solar hot water system to provide the hot water to the heating system?

Could the solar system effectively provide all the heat needed for the home via the radiant tubing system?

Has anyone done this? Any ballpark installation costs for a 1000 square foot home?
Well from what I understand you’d want to have a back-up system. Here in New England people do install solar hot water systems, in addition most people have gas or oil for their home heat. We have a brand new oil furnace so I don’t see why that couldn’t be the backup source if there is not enough sun.

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Answer by havaseat
solar relies on solar it goes out snow rain clouds bunch cold feet an broke pipe use oil or antifreeze mix still not very efficent,, lot of cost for small well intended gain 30.000. wild guessunder tile grout bed

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