Gasification -Low Cost Small Scale Biomass Gasification for Power Generation(2kWe Dual Fuels)

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Low Cost Small Scale Biomass Gasification for power generation used corn cob, small branches of trees, and also charcoal as fuels to produce syngas, and this…

Nice Alternative Fuels photos

A few nice Alternative Fuels images I found:

Alternative Fuels

Image by U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos U.S. Sailors assigned river ** Group 1 conduct maneuvers aboard a river boat pilot control (RCB-X) at Naval Station Norfolk, Va., Oct. 21, 2010. The RCB-X is powered by an alternate mix of one hundred 50 NATO F-76, a traditional marine distillate fuel, and 50 percent algae-based fuels to support the Secretary of the Navy? S effort to reduce fuel consumption on ships of the Navy. (DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist Third Class William Jamieson, U.S. Navy / Released) 101021-N-5085J-170

Pump Duese . . . Sprichst Du Deutsch?
Alternative Fuels

Image by RightBrainPhotography ** During operation at B99, biodiesel to 99%, it is a valid alternative to the more common hybrid vehicle. It offers excellent driveability for a hybrid, and can be run without any dependence on petroleum fuels! One can not say that about a Prius.Pompa Duese diesel are able to convert up to 43 percent of the thermal energy of the fuel into mechanical energy, better than any other liquid propellant production car made! They were the lowest vehicle diesel carbon dioxide made to date, in 2006. In fact, the machine takes a long time to warm up, if only minimal, because the engine is so efficient. The engine consumes only 0.1gal/hour to a minimum! 3-frame HDR rendering, consisting of 3 RAW frames, taken with a Canon 5D with a 17-35mm Sigma.