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Most people are familiar with burning wood as a heat source, but many are not aware that wood can be turned into a gas that burns more efficiently and cleanl…

Q&A: Biomass – What countries use biomass energy?

by CERTs

Question by gwen: What countries use biomass energy?
website from where you found the answer would be helpful too. thank you!

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Answer by kenny J
Most every country uses biomass as an energy source.

Worldwide, biomass is the fourth largest energy resource after coal, oil, and natural gas – estimated at about 14% of global primary energy (and much higher in many developing countries). In the U.S., biomass today provides about 3-4% of primary energy (depending on the method of calculation). Biomass is used for heating (such as wood stoves in homes and for process heat in bioprocessing industries), cooking (especially in many parts of the developing world), transportation (fuels such as ethanol) and, increasingly, for electric power production. Installed capacity of biomass power generation worldwide is about 35,000 MW, with about 7,000 MW in the United States derived from forest-product-industry and agricultural residues (plus an additional 2,500 MW of municipal solid waste-fired capacity, which is often not counted as part of biomass power, and 500 MW of landfill gas-fired and other capacity). Much of this 7,000 MW capacity is presently found in the pulp and paper industry, in combined heat and power (cogeneration) systems.

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Wind – wind energy project!!!!!!?

Question by [[Killah]]: wind energy project!!!!!!?
ok so im supposd to doa poster with four other people about wind energy..
the questions are…
is wind energy renewable or non-renewable?
how is it used?
a map of the places where wind energy is used.
how humans can conserve wind energyor make it better?
the positive nad negative effects.
any laws associated with the resource…
and pictures of the resource..[[wind energy]]
you dont have to answer the question but you can if youwant[[please?]]
or gibe me the websites for theses answers..
the one who gives me the best will automatically get the best answer!!!!!!!
i’ll love you if you help a least one bit!!!

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Answer by alphanot
Its renewable

Wind energy is used to make electricity

Texas is the biggest producer of wind power, followed by California then Oklahoma is in there. It is in Europe too.

I see no need to conserve wind energy any more than any other (turn out the lights when you leave the room) but you can in Texas from some electrical providers choose wind energy as a preference I hear to help the environment.

Generation of wind energy causes no pollution and is a never ending resource. Taxes are paid to local schools from wind energy. It creates jobs. It saves coal and gas. Land owners get paid lease money.

Some people say it kills birds and destroys the views.

Some people have attempted to sue wind companies with no success because they say it kills their property values.

Building permits may be required, the U. S. government law gives tax incentives to wind energy, local governments often offer tax abatement’s to get wind farms in their area.

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