Biomass – What is the energy efficiency of Biodiesel and Biomass?

Question by caribbean turtle: What is the energy efficiency of Biodiesel and Biomass?
Hi, for a science project I have, I need to find the energy efficiency of biodiesel and biomass. Does anyone know what that would be?

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Answer by littlerobbergirl
biodiesel made from rapeseed oil gives back about 3 times the energy it takes to grow and process (3:1). this is better than corn ethanol, which is 1:1 or less, but still not wonderful. oil from algae promises much better returns, but is not yet in production.

biomass burning has same efficiency as burning oil, it depends on the design of the power plant. burning waste like woodchip or commercial rubbish gives ‘something for nothing’, but growing an energy crop might give 15:1 for wood, or much less for a crop that needed fertilising.

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