Solar Heating -Solar Thermal Energy: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Source from: Solar Thermal Energy: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Video Rating: 4 / 5

The video shows the use of solar thermal energy for heating in Europe. Examples from Denmark and Spain show the use in different climates. Interviews with us…

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10 thoughts on “Solar Heating -Solar Thermal Energy: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

  1. I hope everyone will now consider solar energy as the main source of

  2. what is the cost required to produce 1kg of steam using solar thermal plant

  3. just watch this and tell me solar isn’t our future –

  4. Very interesting on how the Europeans are embracing solar energy. I think
    it is a terrific idea for new facilities be mandated to include sola from
    the outset of construction.

  5. Heads Up…! Please search ‘sunfoil’, and view the “SunFoil Thermodynamics,
    Aerodynamics, & Solar-Thermal Ramjet-Effect” clip. This isn’t a joke.
    Please comment. The Aust. Gov’t CSIRO’s evaluation is included in the
    “SunFoil Short-Talk (May 2011 Update)” clip. Enjoy the
    Bread-upon-the-waters exercise. Do tell your friends.

  6. 20% renewable by the year 2020?? wow, california set their regulations to
    20% by 2012! why not set some short term goals, like 10% by 2012, 20% by
    2015. 6 years is enough! haha maybe

  7. As an engineer I can not see any reason why building this as a centralized
    system would have any serious advantages. You would still need all the
    pumps and controls in your home and there would be substantial losses in
    moving the hot water long distances. I am a hige proponenet of solar heat
    by the way, but I just don’t get the centralized plant idea.

  8. When a financial crisis hits they will still have heat and water! That’s
    quite a difference.

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