Solar Heating -$1 home made solar shower water heater

Source from: home made solar shower water heater

Video Rating: 4 / 5

As a dumpster diving tightwad since 1976, I love how scavenged objects can be the catalysts for creative and practical projects. Costing just , this solar …

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25 thoughts on “Solar Heating -$1 home made solar shower water heater

  1. Do you have any ideas of how to make a solar heater from used water

  2. This is great! You could even put two bottles in it if you are a water

  3. “taking showers outdoors is sensual”? glad you don’t live near me.

  4. Nifty trick. I’m thinking a 3gal version at camp to fill the solar shower.
    Should work into Oct.

  5. dude you are going to need a bigger bottle or you will stank somthin fierce.

  6. To me, many things are sensuous (vs. sexual)….swimming at the beach, a
    grand home cooked meal, a cozy freshly made bed on a cold winter night, a
    favorite sweater on an autumn day, and more.

  7. Today is November 27th and its 86 degrees here in central Florida. Not only
    is that sensuous, but i intend to use that word more often, just because
    someone in the comments below made fun of John. You go John, nice idea!

  8. im building a water heater with scrounged items….i want to heat more than
    a gallon…40 ..i think…

  9. that container is actually used by retailers to ship their products to
    their stores..they reuse them

  10. One gallon works just fine for me for over a year now…but I have short

  11. What? Shower with a gallon of water? A shower, by the way that wasn’t
    demonstrated. John, you’re a knucklehead. Or an environmental-wacko, that
    would lie, just to make a point. Or both. And you’re too old for either.

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