Passive Solar Heat -How to Build a Heat Box for $6, Heat your Home Free

Source from: How to Build a Heat Box for , Heat your Home Free

Video Rating: 4 / 5

The EPA, and Mother Earth, have expressed interest in “Passive Solar Heat Box” units for home and commercial building heating. We decided to build one, 4.5′ …

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19 thoughts on “Passive Solar Heat -How to Build a Heat Box for $6, Heat your Home Free

  1. I hate to rain on the parade, but as others have said, we need far more data to be convinced that this is anything more than a toy. I’ve built larger versions of these and while they do add *some* heat to the house, no way do they come anywhere close to heating a ’1000 s.f. home’ for most areas of the US. And if you don’t close off that inlet you’ll lose more heat at night…

  2. Your video does not how clearly how this box is put together and connected to your house. Also, how does it work in a real cold weather? My gas/electric bill is over $500/month and inside the house is less than 60 degrees. I am in NJ. any advice?

  3. Hi John,
    Thanks for your comment. As mentioned in the video, the unit actually increases the air temperature in a range of 66 degrees, this is fairly consistent, cold weather or hot, summer or winter. The key is not the outside temperature, but the sunshine. If you have sun in the winter, you can heat the air by about 66 degrees.  So, if the outside temperature is 30 degrees + 66, you will see it heat to 96 degrees.

  4. Hi
    Nice video, clear audio, easy to understand.
    If you could demonstrate what the heat box could do,
    only in the winter, when the temperature is 35 degrees, that would be
    very helpful. I thank you, John

  5. Cool idea but do you have step by step instructions how to build something like this Thanks

  6. I bet the heat differentials are not the same in the winter especially at night when you need it the most. lol

  7. Why do you need heat if its eighty? Show us results when its twenty outside.

  8. So..let me understand..You are heating your house in the summer..Try heating your home when outside temp is -30 deg.

  9. Thanks for the video gives me some great ideas for my RV I’m going to set up. But I think I’m going to paint mine flat black and add an intake duct at the bottom so the air can circulate better. Maybe make the box so the air has to move around a maze to get longer solar duration… Thanks!!!

  10. thanks ben for the good info and your injinuity, sharing and helping others is what it’s all about.

  11. I appreciated your comments. Keep the faith. We all need to do more. Ben Boothe

  12. Anything that keeps us from exporting our money for oil is a great thing. When the air warms in your heat box, it expands and the resulting expansion forces the air out through your hole.
    Solar and wind will be the energies of tomorrow. In 100 years, people will be wondering what we were thinking with dangerous nuclear power and the dams which destroy entire ecosystems.
    Thanks for sharing! I liked and favorited your video. Paul

  13. Nice design, but maby paint that aluminum collector a black color since it could add some extra efficiency to the system.

  14. Already had one inquiry on this unit and it just posted. Heats the air to 131 to 141 degrees from 75 degrees. Not bad.

  15. Pure practical information. Heat a 1000 s.f. home with an investment of less than $50, and do it with no electric, gas, coal, or utility energy bill. Not bad!

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