Earth Ship -Stargate Atlantis battle above earth

** Scene episode 19 and 20 of season 5 song: warriors heaven – the music immediately:)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Earth Ship -Stargate Atlantis battle above earth

  1. @Theguywithrandomname but in the last episode of SGU the crew of the Destiny completely absorbed the energy blasts of the drones

  2. @bogieman987 you can’t just absorb energy blasts, you can only cancel the “waves” of the photons or other particles of the blast out with a wave of same frequency, amplitude, that’s in sync with the energy blast. so, you have to use energy for defense; the pulse cannot be absorbed….. in the show

  3. @Jackneill45

    well from what i remember the other citys compliment of drones was actually alot. there was an entire room full. But what you say does make sense.

  4. @Jackneill45 Also the owners of the tower would have wanted to keep a few drones for protection in the event of a emergency situation.

  5. @Kingrex16 yes I know. The episodes name was the Tower. However it was quite obvious that the city ship in question that provided the Drones to Atlantis did not have a full stockpile of drones having used up a bunch in previous loosing battles with the Wraith over the years. Atlantis at that point was out of drones so being able to say that the remains of a city ship that diden’t have a full arsonel of drones could compleatly re-supply Atlantis with it’s empty arsonel is just not gonna work.

  6. @Jackneill45

    they got drones from another city ship in the Pegasus galaxy. So they had a full complement. I forget the name of the episode.

  7. @HaBooBo0 If I remember correctly Atlantis diden’t have a full arsonel of drones, and remember according to on screen dialogue that was a 10 minute battle between Atlantis and the Hive.

  8. @HaBooBo0 keep in mind that carsons gene isnt as strong as sheppards so he has to concentrate remember the first episode he couldnt even control 1 drone from the antartica base lol but i agree with you on that it should have been a bit more exciting

  9. I was a bit let down by this final episode. I thought at first “YES! Atlantis FINALLY has all of it’s ZPMs! Let’s see it kick some ass at last!” . And then all it did was spit and sputter out a few measly drones. :P I was hoping to see it POUR out a huge river of drones like the outpost did with Anubis’s fleet.

  10. Battles in space would be much easier if the shields could absorb energy weapons blasts and the energy from the blast would be transferred into an over powered Asgard plasma cannon.

  11. Curious… ppl on Earth (reporters and such) got all big and bad over the battle over Antartica… but when Wraith Hives and the Drones blowing up everywhere… nobody said anything, or very few people did… and it wasn’t even over an abandoned un populated area/

  12. @Skaveeful yeah they know where there at man. They have a star chart map in the control room that tells them where there at, where they have been too, and what direction there headed. Thats how they knew they were leaving the galaxy and going into a void to another galaxy

  13. @dasaxophonist they could definitely use the Wormhole drive but as far as i know they cant help the ppl in sgu aslong as they dont have exact cords of where to drop out of hyperspace. btw its FTL and yes its slower than using a hyperdrive.

  14. @astronaut529
    and see microscopic dots in the sky blasting each other?

  15. do you think they will use the wormhole drive to help the people in SGU. And whats the deal with the FDL thing in SGU? is FDL slower than hyperdrive?

  16. now you see that hive is bigger then Atlantis becouse it is powered by a ZPM the more power the more growth of the ship and a normal hive is about the size of Atlantis maybe 2-3 regular hives could fit in a super hive (ZPM powered hive) :D

  17. @markopolo1990, no, hive ship length is 2.5 km & aurora class is 3.5 km, no one knows the exact size of city ship, McKay however, mentioned once that Atlantis have similar size with Manhattan
    @chaolisse1, I think all hive ship have same size, but the wraith do have 2different warship, the´╗┐ hive ship and the wraith cruiser, the cruiser is smaller than the hive, like the one michael used

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