Earth Ship -Ship of Doom

** Scar Ship, a terrible Metarex capable of demolishing entire fleets of resistance fighters armed, are called upon by Dark Oak. Its new mission: destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman. Scar Ship begins by launching a surprise attack on Eggman’s ship. Despite efforts Shadow, it seems all hope is lost for Eggman and his crew. Rouge manages to escape, and soon informs Sonic and the gang of what has happened. Cosmo recognizes the ship: it is the same one that destroyed her family and friends! The gang decides to take the ship in a battle royale! But it will take some cunning trickery, and some unexpected help, to take it down!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Earth Ship -Ship of Doom

  1. it rhymes
    Amy:I say we stay
    Tails:we better decide now cause it’s coming this way ,XD lol

  2. “i was dreaming,” “was it about Shadow?” lol that’s what my cousin asks me all the time!

  3. 9:50 transcribed audio (cc button): “Pieces were brought back to me. Think we should take back the night so we have a chance. It can live in a cat but that’s a bit green. We have to think this thing through.” lmao

  4. Shadow is a tactical genius! Rapidly attacking the ship’s hull was the best idea ever! Shadow RULES!!!!!!

  5. I have to say that Shadow is some tactician. That vibration technique that he used to attack Scar Ship was brilliant. If he hadn’t run out of energy (or if Scar wasn’t such a BEAST), I think he could’ve done some major damage.

    And THAT’S why Shadow’s in my top three favorite characters!

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