Earth Ship -Building Megaobjects in Minecraft

** This is the beginning part of the Enterprise – D —– Minecraft I did not think it would go viral so fast! It is not even done and what’s more, Minecraft servers are down, so I can not put it on … Some quick answers to some questions. Thanks for all the kudos hot. I’ll take my time to tell you how I made the ship and what are my plans are for this. I always wanted to make a 1:1 scale model of the Enterprise-D. Even when I was a kid, I thought how nice it would be to build the ship and live in it. A project I started about a year ago was to build a 1:1 scale model of the company in SketchUp. I had too much. Unfortunately, my hard drive blew and I lost six months of work. The only thing I had was my original painting, and ‘was too painful to start over. One of the things that had not lost the deck plans and a nice computer-friendly vector format, converted by Whitefire plans (not those Okuda). The plans are pretty rough, but functional. One day I need to go through and clean them. The world uses Minecraft 1m ^ 3 ans blocks, so I just converted my plans already climbed into a format that could take Minecraft and imported every bridge in batches, leaving 4 spaces between the walls The original Enterprise is 642.5 meters x x 467.0 meters 137.5 meters. It is about 3 meters to the deck. Unfortunately, with the bridge you have to walk 1m, 2m, which leaves only remained for the space corridor. As your character is only 1.7 m high, will
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25 thoughts on “Earth Ship -Building Megaobjects in Minecraft


  2. @TheIcehammer2000 well, he could have imported it externally, but i’m just saying, if he built this brick by brick then he is the true pro

  3. my server is once essentials comes out for 1.2.3 i wil update

  4. Deutscher Survival Server
    Bukkit 1.2.3

    24/7 on und die Karte ist frisch.

  5. @Eurethros I don’t think he made it with any commands because it’s in the old Minecraft Creative.

  6. I just got a FREE Minecraft account from free-mc-accs . blogspot . com/ !

  7. @TheIcehammer2000 easy to do voice overs, but regardless of whether this is originally his or not, idc if he built it without commands or anything kudos to him

  8. I don’t why anybody would want to spend that much time on something like THAT.

  9. If u have a Mac create a file on ur desktop name it worlds then go 2 ur mincraft folder open saves or it is stats and duplicate the world that’s in and put one into the worlds folder on ur desktop and there u have 1u can make into a server and 1 4 single player if u keep them both in the saves folder!!! Worked 4 me !!! :)

  10. 1:32 or something
    THIS THING IS FUCKING ENORMOUS!! just like your mom’s cock

  11. do you have no life? honestly how long did it take you to build that? also did anyone click on this off of captain sparklez video..thumbs up if you did

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