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Alcohol and Life

Image by davidjwbailey ** Alcohol is the anesthesia by which support the operation of life – George Bernard Shaw

Alcohol Likely to Blame in Monacan Trail Road Crash
Witnesses believe alcohol may have been to blame for a two car accident on Monacan Trail Road late Saturday night.
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Recalled alcohol wipes may still be in use
More than six months after a worldwide recall, potentially deadly alcohol wipes remain in personal medicine cabinets and possibly on store shelves.
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Adulterated alcohol leaves at least 21 dead in Ecuadorean town, 103 others treated
QUITO, Ecuador – Authorities in Ecuador have banned the sale of alcohol in a community where 21 people have died after drinking bootleg liquor.
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Alcohol Stove Unlit

Image by stusic ** My new stove alcool.Il my trip to Dick’s Creek Gap, I saw that my MSR stove cylinder WindPro was not responding well to the cold. I took this on my last trip to North Carolina, where temperatures did not get above 26 or so, and this behaves egregia.Fatto from cans of soft drinks and beer, weighs less than a gram and a half is incredibly efficient, using only 3 / 4 ounces of Everclear to boil two cups of water. My Gavetta all, the less fuel, it hits right at the 4 oz. Without the filter, which can not be recycled, is much more friendly to the environment too.

Two alcohol dehydrogenases

Image by dullhunk ** The “protein party” also known as alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) , as encoded by the so-called “ Party “. If your body is good at this enzyme, you will be able to drink everyone else under the table at parties.

Wien ge ook kiest, kiest nooit den alcohol

Image by IISG ** Who ever you choose, do not choose to alcolWillem Papenhuyzen, 1925 Order a copy of this manifesto in the Social History Shop