Hydrogen -The LiL Water Torch Premier HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen / Browns Gas Micro Torch

Source from: The LiL Water Torch Premier HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen / Browns Gas Micro Torch

Video Rating: 4 / 5

http://www.jdcproducts.com/products.html The LiL Water Torch is the perfect HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen / Browns Gas micro torch that can be used by home hobbyi…

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25 thoughts on “Hydrogen -The LiL Water Torch Premier HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen / Browns Gas Micro Torch

  1. Thanks for reply and offer to send me sample. I have done intense research on HHO. I have produced Hydrogen both chemically and via electrolysis of salt water, Chemical unit being used on car at this point. Noticed 15 percent in MPG. Car has 200,000 miles and ran so clean it passed inspection. More power. Chemicals had to be replenished every 3 days. Some chemicals caustic. Ronnie Campbell, 6 19 AVe, Bayshore, Long Island 11706 347 455 7215

  2. At this point I don’t have the funding to send out a free system for demo and promotion but I am willing to send one out at cost. Just send me a yt message. I’m also about to provide a experimental boosting kit for small generators, engines and automobiles which doesn’t include the pen torch or base.

  3. facebook me and ill give u my phone number (derick berger) i no h2 is much hotter but im using 6 psi propane if u can make it and make it safe im down jus give me an estimatent

  4. I’ve never used a knight bullet burner and the flame is much more focused than traditional fuels so it may be a bit different than the type of gas your using now but I can build you a custom system that could produce enough gas to run one for you, just let me know….

  5. If u can build me one i can run my glass blowing torch(knight bullet burner) i will compensate u greatly

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  7. No use in trying to reason with him as he tried and failed at understanding Meyer’s technology and thinks so highly of himself to the point that because he failed Meyer is now label a fraud by him, plus to add to that no one else in the world can figure it out according to him. People like him will have to find a rock to crawl under in the not to distant future as the Meyer based water for fuel technology starts to come out.

  8. You have the full support of the Ronnie Redford Ministries. We would love for you to come demo nit or send us a unit for promotion.

  9. so you think people are stupid.. except you. damn your are an intelligent idiot.

  10. you obviously work for some unnatural power company and are afraid of this technology getting out to the masses. ……Bullshit monger.

  11. Yo Man why you over here bugging Justin, He is a good guy !!
    remember Jesus loves you, peace for all is what we need !!

    Neal Ward

  12. I have tested the bubbler and my ph level is about 7.5, slightly alkaline and only .5 from neutral.I’m not debating you on traces of electrolyte in the bubbler.I added a second stage filter to help with this.The cups are holding up fine and I’ve also finally sourced out 316 in this shape so cell will run cleaner. I’m waiting on some stainless flux and silver solder to do a demo of the soldering capabilities. Thanks for your legitimate concerns even though you come off as a douche, I respect them

  13. these torches are by far the best way to solder electronics with, your in and out before any conduction heat destroys the circuits, good for soldering small jobs that require precision also very good for polishing plexy glass edges

  14. ok what ever go buy some litmus strips and post a vid , i may of came off like a huge dick but thats because you hho people wont listen to any body for some reason, your as bad as atheist , totally untouchable wen it comes to logic, look bro your telling lies and i called you out thats all dont say something your selling will last ten years wen you no it wont, we see the rust in your reservoir homie so chill i wont bash you any more . cool torch i do like it but spare us all the bullshit….

  15. LOL you are a bold face lire , im not trolling im truthing electrolytes are mostly bases unless your using acid like h2so4 either way traces of it ends up in the bubbler via micro mist … both can be traced with litmus strips so what ever , im being a dick because your lying to people and i tend to stick up for stupid people wen i see a deceiver in action. your set up is very cool but you dont gotta lie about it , you may be able to solder 3/8 pipes @ 150 watts but only small fittings

  16. To each his own brother. This gas has proven to me time and time again that it deserves respect and to be in a category of its own. The potentials of the technology provide me with a glimmer of hope that humanity has a chance to unlsave itself. Honestly we are finding out the pseudo science labels of yesterday are becoming scientific facts of the future. Don’t be such a scrooge.

  17. My main goal is to more people involved and try to teach others what I have learned. I try to not censor comments on my videos but this is my world and I won’t have someone vomiting negativity about what I’m doing to help the cause. I make it a point to be honest about my research and designs. If its not up to your spec, keep your money in YOUR pocket and put something on the market cheaper and better….

  18. Yes these are lower grade condiment cups. I have been unable to find the shape in other grades of stainless. Instead of griping, send me a link on how to find this shape in 316 stainless? I provide a lifetime warranty and from my own personal testing, the structural integrity has not been affected. And yes SIR, I can solder 1/2″ copper pipe and fittings just fine with a 150 watt flame, My next upload will prove this. I also never guaranteed mileage gains, used for experimental purposes only…

  19. I’ve seen you trolling hho videos lately and spewing out negative garbage. I believe you have some first hand experience so I’m not sure why your being a dick? Litmus paper test ph levels and in no way identifies traces of your electrolyte. From my own experience the gas filtered several times and bubbled through distilled water turns it more alkaline thus causing a change on the litmus paper. While traces of electrolyte is possible the second stage filter combats this issue…continued….

  20. fucking hho scammers , hho is sudo scientific bullshit , i use these torches but i do not agree with all the hho bullshit on the net you gies are a bunch of crooks and you’ll get what you deserve , karma is a bitch dood

  21. hho bubblers contain small amounts of electrolyte , this can be tested with litmus strips it will kill the plant for shure, very cool torch but you cannot solder copper pipes with that torch, you need at least 500 watts or around 1.5 to 2 LPM , the stainless steel your using is cheep walmart 401ss cups that will corrode way sooner then 10 years . we can already see rust in the reservoir , and no under any circumstance can this be used to boost mileage you are fucking lire…

  22. You know like some material that Nasa prob uses on spaceships so they dont burn up in the atmosphere. Im thinkin that could be used for many practical purposes such as. Cooking food, heating homes in the wintertime, boiling/heating water. ect ect. Those are my two suggestions. If you could get those 2 things done, Its going to take it to another level !! Again I cant stress it enough. Solar pannel and a material that can absorb the heat but not be damaged from the flame. KUDOS to you !!

  23. YES YES YES this is what i have been trying to explain to people of how to build these devices.. Ive been laughed by  morons that just dont understand how to do a damn thing THE RIGHT WAY !! This configuration that you have here is what I like to see. Me and you are on the same page. What I would really like to see is this taken to the next level.. Solar Pannels hooked up to this to make it a true independent system. Also im thinkin there is a material that the torch could heat up for warmth.

  24. This is awesome, how come you don’t mention how much the price is ?

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