Gasification – how does gasification work?

Question by : how does gasification work?
i want to know the processes that take place during gasification and also if heating the wood externally like heating water in a boiler is enough or if the wood must be heated with a small heat source and limited oxygen.
also i want to know the gases that are produced that can be used for combustion and their bi-products.
and what is the estimated efficiency of the process.
please supply real good not too highly detailed information

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Answer by jeff rager
Basically you have to have what they call a Fire Tetrahedron for heat to become Fire. You have to have four elements, Heat, Oxygen, Fuel, and the Chemical Chain Reaction of the three to have fire.
You don’t have to have wood to get gasification, any combustible material produces gasification when heated to it’s combustable point, water vapor is gasification, in reality, any fuel source will cause gasification and yes, some bi products of spent fuel can be reused, but usually not very efficiently, it would cost more to refine it into a usable fuel than it would be to just burn more of the original fuel, there’s where you get waste products. The trick is finding a use for the waste products in other things. Like Coal Ash for instance is re-used into Concrete and Plastics production among many other things. Nulear plants use the gasification of water to produce electricity from heating the water to it’s boiling point, but the bi-product of the fuel used for that process hasn’t found a good use as of yet, therefor you again have waste.
Was that too highly detailed???? LOL

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One thought on “Gasification – how does gasification work?

  1. If you want to collect the gas, it has to be in an oxygen free environment or the gas will just burn like a regular fire. The gasses that are produced depends on the temperature the wood is heated to. Germany used wood gasification to make vehicle fuel during the 1940′s. Any gas from natural gas to heavy fuel oil can be produced depending on what temperature range is kept.

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